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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight of the clicgear cart?

The Clicgear Cart weighs about 18 lbs or about 8.2 kgs.

I got really mad playing golf the other day and took it out on my Clicgear Cart using my seven iron. I need some parts to fix it. How can I order them?

If you look on our downloads section, you should be able to pick out any parts you need and make a list. If you contact your local distributor through our Distributors page, we can get you what you need to fix the cart before anyone finds out.

I saw the new B3 Bag the other day. It looks cool, but why is more expensive than other bags?

The Clicgear B3 Bag was developed to meet the request of many Clicgear owners to have a Clicgear specific bag. We never had intentions of taking over the bag market when we developed the B3, but simply to meet this demand with a quality product. It is a great bag, well made and certainly matches the style of Clicgear.

Can I upgrade the wheels on my model 1.0 cart with the new tubeless model 2.0 wheels?

First of all, if you are still using a Model 1.0, well done! Yes, the new wheels will fit the Model 1.0 Cart. However, you may have to contact the Distributor in your country in order to find a retailer with the WHEEL KIT 2.0 in stock. You can also pick a cool new color.

How should I clean my clicgear cart?

We recommend that you use a damp cloth to clean your cart instead of a hose or pressure washer. It is possible to fill the frame tubing with water or to damage the wheel bearings with too much water.

Why did clicgear change the wheels from the tube tires to the new tubeless tires?

Clicgear made the change to tubeless tires on the Model 2.0 Cart in order to increase the reliability of the cart in the long term. The new tire is also wider and has a flatter profile which is better for your golf course in wet conditions.

What type of wheel bearings does clicgear use on the new model 2.0 wheel?

Each wheel has two double sealed ball bearings. The new Model 2.0 wheel bearings are unique to most golf carts in that they are press fit into the rim. This prevents damaged bearings due to poor initial alignment and eliminates the tendancy of the wheels to start to wobble over time.

Does clicgear make any other products besides golf carts?

Yes. Clicgear is always designing new products for golf as well as products for use outside of the golf market. No doubt that all products have similar Clicgear style. Clicgear is also focused on urban lifestyle products which we plan to release soon.