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Clicgear B3 flex handle

Flex Handle

The Flex handle allows for easy pick up and stays out of the way of cart straps.

Clicgear B3 tee strap

Tee Strap

An easy place to store tees. Snaps onto the Towel D-ring so it also fits the cart handle.

Clicgear B3 rubber strap

Rubber Strap

Reduces wear and prevents bag twist.

Clicgear B3 waterproof pouch

Side Pocket and Waterproof Pouch

Giant full length side pocket for shoes, beer or jackets. Inside is a handy waterproof storage pocket.

Clicgear B3 valuables pocket

Valuable Pocket (left)

A large lined pocket for stuff you want to keep safe and scratch free.

Clicgear B3 lower pocket

Lower Side Pocket

A nice medium size flat pocket for old score cards.

Clicgear B3 water bottle

Water Bottle Pocket

A very useful expanding water bottle pocket for large bottles and cans.

Clicgear B3 top pattern

Top Club Grid

The unique club divider system keeps the noise of banging clubs down by staggering them inside this unique grid pattern. Longer clubs sit towards the front of the cart.

Clicgear B3 umbrella storage

Umbrella Storage

Umbrellas can be stored inside the larger colored pockets of the divider grid or on the outer umbrella storage on the outside of the bag.

Clicgear B3 glove velcro

Glove Velcro

We added a couple of velcro patches to attach your glove during or after the game.

Clicgear B3 ball pocket

Extra Large Ball Pocket

A nice big ball pocket for plenty of ammo.

Clicgear B3 cooler bag pocket

Lined Cooler Pocket

A nice large and lined cooler pocket with drain holes.

Clicgear B3 shoulder strap

Shoulder Strap

Nice and wide shoulder strap with storage pocket while on the cart.

Clicgear B3 full length pocket

Right Full Length Pocket

Giant side pocket for even more shoes, beer or jackets. Inside is a handy first aid pocket.

Clicgear B3 upper side pocket

Upper Side Pocket

A simple medium unlined pocket.

Clicgear B3 lower side pocket

Lower side pocket

A medium sized flat pocket.